RAPTOR takes off at London City Airport – A new App development opportunity for RAPTOR SMEs

Last month Living PlanIT announced that we had led a successful consortium bid in the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) ‘Internet of Things Demonstrator’ Competition. Running at London City Airport, this project will demonstrate the integration of technologies required to deliver the world’s first ‘smart airport experience’. The PlanIT Urban Operating System™ will be used as the infrastructure to integrate and process necessary data, enabling innovation in the creation of a wide range of digital applications and solutions aimed at improving the passenger journey experience, as well as services aimed at retailers and service providers. The demonstrator will also address issues associated with interoperability, data security, privacy and the effective management of real-time information.

Airports and the related travel sector are of growing significance both economically and socially. This project is an opportunity for the UK’s aviation sector to forge ahead of its international competition, through the adoption and deployment of a range of technologies, integrated across a single, open system. In addition, the creation of a platform for SMEs and small App developers to cluster, create, build and apply new commercial opportunities in the context of smart transport hubs, is significant for the economic development of east London.

The services and applications developed will benefit airport operators, airlines, retailers, transport providers and passengers as well as UK application developers. Operators, airlines, retailers, and other service providers will benefit from understanding customers´ needs better without compromising their privacy, efficiency improvements and the ability to further differentiate the airport from its competitors. Developers will see data services, shared ICT infrastructure, structured data definitions and strong use cases to support the development of new applications.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to open up this new App development opportunity to RAPTOR SME applicants. This is a unique opportunity to engage in a truly ground-breaking project – and one with real, scalable commercial potential. We’re looking forward to seeing many great applications and to working with you to help create the next generation airport experience, here in London.

SMEs check if you are eligible for a RAPTOR Grant to help your application ideas become a reality in London City Airport. Call 2.5 has just closed, but future calls for SME grants will be announced on our website as well as our social media so join the RAPTOR Facebook page here or follow us on Twitter @RAPTOR_SME.